journey starts My mind is blown away as I write this.
Seven months ago I shared my dreams with a friend I respect. He said that as I roll out my plans to meet my goals, people, resources and circumstances will align themselves with my plans to ensure my goals are met and surpassed.

Among my first carrier goals that I contemplated was starting a blog. This has been pending in my thoughts for the last one month but today it hit me that great entrepreneurs perfect their goals and plans as they execute them or else they remain just dreams.

Richard Branson in his book ‘Screw it, let’s do it’ gives us the story of how he created the Virgin Brand at such a tender age which is one of the most successful businesses today.

gaining-momentumA day, to 14th July 2014, I kept asking myself, “Why am I giving myself pressure yet I can just let time pass and the D-day arrives?” But even as I did the dissuasive self-talk, I realized my mind has been very alert to the lack of momentum necessary to push my life plans off the ground. To achieve the life I desire a little discomfort is necessary with achievable goals in place.

Once a smart goal is set, broken into small actionable tasks, it becomes like an automatic car rearing to go as your mind kicks into action.

So here I am just doing it, no blog site yet, but I am getting my posts ready for uploading by 14/7/2014 which is tomorrow. I don’t know how to go about it, but I will find out.
do itCounting the days and setting a time frame is a reminder that if life just happens, then I will tend not to be content with it and keep thinking that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. I must create the life I want as I will it to happen by taking action daily for the next 276 days to influence a positive outcome.
I say all things life, an adventure!
I am excited as my self-conference on day one comes to an end.

If you are reading this, the blog goal is off the ground! One day done, one goal on course.
As the blog takes shape I look forward to interacting with guests to my blog through feedback, thoughts, events and as we cheer each other to finish strong during the 276 days and beyond.
Warm Regards
Fay Day 276