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KindPeopleAreMyKindaPeopleDelightful is the word I can use to describe my third and day 274 in pursuit of a blog to drive my life goals. As I searched to meet my own deadline on setting up a blog which I have termed as a carrier goal, I talked to people, but with little success.

I Googled so many times but it was like reading a manual and trying to fix a gadget, if you miss some step it doesn’t work.

However Google yielded some helpful direction and Lulu was the outcome. When I called Bake, I explained my dilemma and I was advised to Email my request. The Internet was off but since I needed answers immediately, I sent a short text message asking them to guide me by sending me an email with the magic solution.

After a series of calls between us, we fixed time and date, I was two hours due transport hiccup.The meeting finally took place but what stands out for me is the care and concern shown by Lulu and colleagues.

The patience, kindness shown without making me feel dumb for not doing a simple self-explanatory thing on word press. We embarked on creating my blog and it was such a maze for me but these young people made it easy for me, and guided me through the process patiently. I noticed the willingness of the colleagues to assist where Lulu needed help and yet they were all busy doing their own things.

By the end of my tutorial, I left empowered and I was able to do my first blog post upon getting home, Thanks to a customer friendly, customer focused interaction with the BAKE team.

A bit about the office, it is mostly occupied by over 20 young people, I was very impressed that we have so many young people creatively earning a living and are kind.

My day3 was a pleasant interactive session with Lulu, Ciiku and two young men who were busy developing a computer Program . Kudos Lulu on wowing a customer, oh I didn’t pay a coin.

The name Lulu means precious, calm and peaceful, could names influence the way we interact with each other? Do you remember a time you have made a customer, friend or family feel delighted?

My experience yesterday reminded me of a visit we did to a friend’s house and the host told us after pampering us that a visitor should go away with memories of how well they are treated when they visit, not just the great food they were treated to and one must make extra effort to make a nice meal for the guests.

All things life, an adventure. I look forward to hear your thoughts.

Warm Regards
Fay 274