goal clarity

One of my desires is to achieve clarity in my focus because without clarity one can easily be swayed from their goals by  a new scheme of things, and get off the way to destinations that were not planned for.

Clear focus enables us to grab opportunities that come our way because we are always ready and mentally fit to appraise a situation critically and promptly without procrastinating.

A clear mind leads to a quiet spirit and healthy interactions with people and circumstances. Just look back to some of your most pleasant interactions that developed into a great roserelationship and review how clear your mind was. The relationship probably bloomed into a business opportunity or a worthwhile friendship or even a lifelong love.

When the mind is full of clutter, our judgment gets flawed. Our interaction with others is unpleasant or can even lead to codependent relationships where one cannot shape their destiny but leans on others to shape it. It’s difficult to neither form pleasant relationships nor even perform at ones peak. That is why one must guard jealously and De-clutter the mind regularly My day 275 was full of clarity and peace all around me.

I enjoyed relating with people who rub me the wrong way or do I rub them the wrong way? I purposed to not allow anything or anyone interferes with my happiness and chose to proactively influence my interactions and surroundings.

It was interesting to sniff out toxic friends that I have stuck with over the years even when I stay away for a long Famous-Quotes-About-Life-Lessons-2time, that day I realized that they need to be shifted to acquaintances folder not friends, though the interesting thing is, I had not realized this early enough. In many cases toxic people clog your mind and suck out your energy.

While interacting with genuine friends, you just feel energy flowing making everything seem possible and you get more and more creative in the way you live your life.

On this day I have chosen to focus on alliances that will cheer me on to finish strong but maintain cordial relations with all others.

All things life, an adventure.

Warm Regards Fay, 275