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gift a jobgetting a jobThe day we get a job is a day of great joy that calls for celebrations. It’s an opportunity to earn a living and uplift our living standards. It signals for most young people that they can now contemplate getting married as they can support a family. For many people they join employers believing that they have an opportunity to show case their talents and expertise through acquired skills attained in college. There are others who come in with very creative and innovative minds and an excitement to inject great ideas to freshen up a good brand that can be polished a little bit to make it great. And of course the majorities are happy to just have a job and sail on in whichever direction the ship is steered to.

new jobThe expectations for the masses are met because they get their job done as per instructions within the set rules and at the end of the month, its pay day. Those who expected to show case their talents discover that most work places want their work done in a certain way, and by more experienced people. They soon discover that their work place is not a talent academy. In some few work places, a few lucky people are enabled to pursue their talents to the full. The ones with creative and innovative expectations easily get demoralized as the work environment doesn’t encourage that, or when they are able to do so, the boss takes for their . However you can get lucky and get to utilize your creativity.

grow healthy relationIn a short while, you find yourself in new family set up of colleagues that you come to love and spend most of your day time with. As you start climbing the corporate ladder you discover the path is not smooth as office politics kick in, maligning, gossip, shortchanging and cut throat competition. You now have gained total work experience and watch your back more regularly than before. Trust gets broken, jealousies arise, betrayals and judgment becomes a routine and with it relations become strained and mostly fake. Do work relations have to be fake? In my opinion, it’s good to be genuine because some of these relations last a lifetime long past retirement, but one must choose colleague friends with care to nurture a reciprocal healthy relationship.

As years pass and we fit in the box and settle in our comfort zone. We are so safe that we fear any job loss, demotion or even career stagnation. We cannot quit because beyond our jobs our lives are doomed to fail so fear reigns and controls us. Work benefits assist in keeping us attached to our employer as we cannot afford to lose them. In the end the full essence of our life is swallowed up by our fear of the unknown. axed from job

The key thing is to always remember that we are the drivers of our lives and we must steer our lives safely on the joy of liferoad we choose to take, and to know that we hold the key to unlock great health at all times and that of our family.

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