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develop habit change your lifeTo be honest, habit is at the core of all our achievements. As I pursue my life goals, I realize how much I constantly review my habits. When I wake up in the morning there are routines I must adopt to perform at my peak, which means I must discard some old behaviors and entrench the new. I love reading and I enjoy doing so in the morning as I cover more chapters, a habit I had dropped but have picked up again .I am struggling to reduce sleeping hours. One of the benefits is that I am able to get to my work place on time, more empowered with new knowledge.

The biggest habit I have been wrestling with is my thoughts , the way I think. They remind me of;
• How hard life is and how others have failed who have pursued what I desire.
• What I don’t have rather than what I have, making it seems impossible to achieve my dreams.
• Who resents me and whose body language is negative towards me.
• Why I need to sleep more as it is good for me.
• That a chore can be shelved to be done the next day.
• On health issues, am reminded how the unhealthy foods are sweet,
• Why I need not go for my daily walk in the evenings as I have other things to deal with etc

All this thoughts are coming from what the brain is accustomed to, but my mind has taken control of the change I success small steps dailyhave decided to achieve and it’s up to me to keep practicing the new habits I have decided to adopt consistently so that the brain can accept them as the familiar and store them. Once this is done through the power of habit, then the brain can rest and habit will become my way of life influencing my behavior.

Have you heard of drunkards who drink and drive? Do you wonder how they drive and find their way home? It is because the act of driving their car is automatic as it is a habit formed over a period of time. The route to their home is already registered in their brain and has become a habit hence they are able to get home. Now you have seen how easy it is to achieve success? Just change the way you think and do things, consistently until they become habits. If the new Habit doesn’t work amend it in the right direction and success is yours to take.

change for changeChanging your habits can also help in overcoming blame game and instead galvanize one into taking the responsibility for ones actions, improving our relationships and the quality of our lives.
As I work on developing myself I have seen huge benefits since I acquired new thinking patterns and a way of doing things that I aim to convert into habits gradually despite any resistance within me.

I would love to hear your comments and thoughts on the article.
All things life, an adventure.

Warm Regards ,Fay Day 272