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celebrate others successThe joy of celebrating another person’s success is very rewarding in many ways. To begin with happiness prolongs life and sharing is very rewarding. This two attracts positive things to come into your life.
The same goes for helping others in need but also as an act of kindness.

When giving and sharing as a group the energy is enormous. Synergy is created and there is a ripple effect in the number of people who have given and those who have received. Good feelings releases feel good hormones that uplift our lives and add gaiety in our walk.

Imagine my joy this week as I joined a group of about fifty people as we lunched to congratulate one of our own celebrate a well-deserved promotion. I was very excited and felt fantastic from the mingling with so many wonderful people that I have known for years.

martin L king  what are you doing for othersTo crown my week I spent another day giving a noble service to a community with a group of another set of wonderful people. We cleaned, picked litter, cleared overgrown grass, I enjoyed the work and once again I got a beautiful opportunity to interact with great people.

Healthy interactions lead to productive relationships that in turn improve health and quality of life. A lot of us walk around carrying heavy burdens that emanate from unhealthy relationships in various spheres of our lives.
This includes, Relations between workmates, Leaders and those they lead, Business relationships that hurt the business from poor interactions with customers as well as other businesses.

In families, Couples relationship, parent and children especially in teenage, relations with relatives etc. At the National and global level poor relations can lead to strained relations leading to endless wars etc. And the critical one that drives all others is at the personal relationship with the self, if that one relationship is healthy in each of us, then almost all other relationships will thrive in a healthy manner.

Quote on Relationships by JO
I have learned to be wiser through painful interactions that led to great pain and suffering in my life.
The pain is behind me but the wisdom has remained with me making me a much better person today. With time we all learn the value of healthy human relationships. It is so high and precious that money cannot buy. A healthy relationship enables one to celebrate the gains of another person, empathize with someone experiencing pain or challenges and help others with pleasure.

And to crown my wonderful week we enjoyed an impromptu luncheon in my house after the cleaning jig, I made new friends and by the time the visitors left my life was much more enriched, I had fun and my blogging expertise had gone a notch higher as you can see the additions as once again I got free lessons on blogging!! From one of my visitors.

am awesome not perfectCelebrate yourself to enable you celebrate others. Treasure yourself to understand how to put value on others. In the end all your relationships will get better and your health will be great.

Share your thoughts with me, I would love to know how you feel about relationships.
All things life, an adventure.
Warm Regards
Fay Day 271