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shopper galsClothes, most people would be lost without them, imagine a scenario where we had no clothes on with our hair  cut to short . How would you know peoples rank? Social status? I am tickled when I visualize the equalizer scene.

Clothes help us to camouflage and enhance, beautifying what is not appealing. I love clothes as it fires me up when I am down. I feel great when I dress well. Dressing up inspires confidences increasing while improving on our interactions with others. It allows a sneak peek into the personality of a person. It injects some adrenaline enhancing our mood, when we dress well.

The right clothes for my body type helps to hide some of my perceived body flaws ha ha and of course remind classy outfitpeople I have some lovely figure attributes too. It helps to disguise my problems, I style up my outfit and no one can tell if am broke or if my plans are not working out.

When I dress well and feel good about myself I acquire a positive outlook on everything and it opens doors for me too as people easily warm up to me.

In personal branding, clothes help to bring out the image I desire to project but do I say! It gives me comfort and an identity.

The way you dress, the Clothes you wear can be a measure of success or reflect a looser image. If you are not suit shoesuccessful materially like you would love to be, why not dress like you have made it? It can open doors and the right networks for you. Stylish and smart dress code is a morale booster and inspires confidence in those you interact with influencing them to trust you.

And of course there’s the beauty of feeling different with different clothes, lovely, respectful, business like, a successful executive, a model, trustworthy, youngish, oldish ish all through clothes and fashion. My dressing influences how I feel, how others view me and react towards me, isn’t it inspiring.Try it and get that great feeling of all times. Be like a chameleon and dress for the right occasion appropriately.

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Fay Day 270