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read love Books I love books, they just jazz me, they do not argue with me.I listen to the author, yet it’s so hard listening to my friends, we argue, my points gets lost before I can say them, oops I get distracted by my buddy’s hairstyle, when the phone rings I can go back to the page I was reading but where was I in the conversation?
When I am feeling low and defeated, books  inspire me to move on.

Books have reminded me and shown me that my experiences are not unique to me  but are the same across the continents. Those who have written books are kind enough to share their stories that inspire us as well as affirm us .The beauty with books is that they have no discrimination, no skin color, nor tribe, nor sex, anyone can read. I just love books how about you?

Reading opens up the world for you I have traveled all over the world, from Asia, to Europe, to America, to Africa, world travelAustralia the five continents of the world, through reading. And now there is the world wide web imagine which is  still part of reading and it’s amazing how I can learn about what’s up in America faster than what’s happening in the village, wow. Conferences are great we meet and learn from other people, but a book can give you detailed info for less cash, even where there is no network, a book is accessible.

Books enrich our lives with information on different subjects and on life issues. If you read you are empowered and can touch other people’s lives with your acquired knowledge.

cashflow-101Now let’s talk about the book club, you meet like minded people and brainstorm, understand different perspectives of the book and of course meet new people, I cannot forget for those who love investing we get to play cash flow 101 board game on investing by Robert Kiyosaki. Join our book club and travel the world with like minded people.

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