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excludedAm excluded, so does that qualify me as irrelevant? I guess so to the people excluding me.
How about me, how do I feel about being excluded? I get amused now and think what a lousy way to lead people

There was a time when exclusion would have sent me to the doctors with an ailment that the doctor could not find. Bitterness and resentment would be the fuel for my life for days. I would then be angry irritable and hostile mourn and sulk.

rebuid youraselfDo you ever experience such moments?

But then I got liberated, by totally tearing my thoughts apart, my perception of me and other people, I scanned my emotional health and realized I depended so much on other peoples definition of me.

I studied me, me and me, only to realize how awesome I am. I fell in love with me, my kindness, loving, caring, inspiring, intelligent, knowledgeable and smart woman, a phenomenal woman and realized how dumb I had been. I got a brand new label for me and discarded everyone else’s definition of me.

Magic happened, now I am amazed at the compliments I get on what a great person I am. I get people consulting with me on life issues and work related issues. I love the people I interact with more, both known to me and to wall is a doorstrangers I offer a smile, kindness.

My life is overflowing with love, I give love I get love from all those around me.
In the end exclusion became my greatest opportunity for me to express love, generosity show my humaneness and do a major discovery that I have great worth and capacity to love, laugh and be an influencer,a thought leader, a dynamic girl.

Today I celebrate me

All things life, an adventure
Warm regards
Fay Day 268