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to age live with graceOn approaching the end of my fourties, I panicked. It was signaling the end of my life, I forgot life doesn’t end there but a new chapter begins, a lovely chapter.

My eyes opened to the reality of the great life I have had, fun, laughter, watching my children grow, all those wonderful moments that overshadow the many tears I have shed over the years.
I looked at myself with a fresh perspective.

At a glance being alive is a big blessing.Raising children to adulthood is a an experience in wonder. Looking back I saw the courage I have had over the years in not just living my life but always working to shape it. At times I shaped it into the wrong shape or size and paid dearly for it but I got wiser and better than I was before.

maya ageDo I have regrets? NO. I used to, but now at my lowest moment I learned that regret just holds you back from the life you were meant to have. So I live, make mistakes, learn, detour and get back on the road I have chosen to travel.

As I approach the end of my fourties , I see graying hair as evidence that I have been around, a certificate that I have achieved and made a positive impact in this world. My aging is a badge of honor that I have earned from being here participating and having fun.

Now I know I have done my part experimenting with life and the remaining part that is unknown is full of promise because I will only live my life without wasting a single moment wallowing in self-pity, judgments, what will other people think of me, what if things don’t work out etc.
art ageI will live and enjoy because I know real life has joy, happiness and a little pain.
Now I am ready to embrace jubilee.
I would love to hear your thoughts.
All things life,an adventure.
warm regards

Fay Day 267