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goal planI have been down and out but not extinguished, that’s why I am writing from a point of power not cowering under the burden of life but as the leader of my life making it a quality life.

Set Goals
Seek inspiration to ignite yourself into action. Prepare your mind, set goals, long and short term goals. Break them into smaller goals that won’t be too difficult to begin with.

Plan on how you will do them by coming up with activities you need to do to meet the goals. If you don’t have a plan then you will tend to do whatever comes up making it hard to improve on the quality of life. Without a plan you will be seeking your friends to escort them as they pursue their goals or even worse join the ones who have no plan and formulate one to just hang around to avoid being bored, the blind leading the blind.

Change your daily routine, as this will enable you change your habits. As you develop new habits, do self-talks to keep motivating yourself to go on doing the new activities until they become habits. It is said, that it takes 21 days for our activities/behaviors to become habit.

Resilience is the ability to bounce back, so if you fail or make a mistake don’t give up but keep going forward. The only way to propel yourself forward is by knowing you have a destination to reach and you have to keep your focus on your goals.

Review your daily activities by listing them down and break the activities into categories of;
• Is it value adding,
• Does it have to be done,
• It need not be done but i like doing it
success small steps dailyAre you aspiring for greater achievements? desiring a change that evokes positive change ultimately in your life? It may be through job transition to a better job, demotion, career change, starting your own business, self-employment, a broken relationship. A desire to revamp your life entirely, overcoming an addiction.?

The beauty is that great success can be achieved through adversity, difficult circumstances, and fantastic circumstances and by all who so desire success that they take action to meet with success

Resilience focus can be attained by anyone desirous of change for the better. Its about developing a vision, smelling your visions sweet aroma that draws you to it through knowing the benefits that awaits you. Your personal vision stimulates your focus to achieve, leading you to an action plan that focuses your efforts on your goals that triggers the success you so richly deserve.

fresh start habitSo knock it off, its your life! fix it!

Fay bloom will nudge you towards your success as you have embarked on a journey to attain abundant success.
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