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Life teaches us many things that lead to the writing of books that are used in academia. The information is gathered through observations, life experiences that include other people’s experience.
In the same way, now I know you can kill depression through deliberate effort to change your thoughts, habits and relationships.

self conferenceRelationship with self
• Love yourself totally
• Applaud yourself. Pick 2 things that are good in you and focus on them.
• Accept your weaknesses and acknowledge no one is perfect. Review what others tell you and learn from what needs to be corrected. Discard the rest because it’s just an opinion.
• Review your lifestyle. Your daily behaviors as well as actions and change them slowly unless where drastic steps are necessary instantly. Repeat this daily until it becomes a habit.
• Be focused, resilient and consistent.

Keep nudging yourself to counter thoughts that lead you to self-pity, resentment or negativity. Move forward, correcting your thoughts as they come in daily, rejection is part of life and we experience it constantly in different forms.

Ignore the stigma others want to paste on you, because it’s their ignorance and poor attitude that make them that way. Don’t be fooled, a lot of people suffer depression, and they hide, they pretend but you will see it and if you do, extend a kind hand. At any given time in our lives we all experience some degree of it. But it quickly corrects itself due to the conditioning of our different minds and our environment.
Stigma reflects people’s definition of you. You can overcome it by revealing the real you. How do you define yourself? Reevaluate how you view yourself and correct it, as you do so, be kind to yourself, forgive yourself, fall in love with yourself and project that love on other people, it will be reflected with the light shining back at you with love and acceptance.

Never ever give up on yourself because you are all you have got so protect and nurture yourself. Once your self relationship is correct you will discover how easy it is to correct your interactions with other people. Exile toxic people even if they are family, let them fish elsewhere to spew their toxins.
Don’t forget to nurture your spiritual needs because that’s the main driver not the physical man. The physical man needs healthy foods and exercise!!

All things life, an adventure

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