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outof miraclesHaving had such a wonderful day today, I got thinking as to what happens behind the scene in concerts or events that involve many people.

The theme in Parkland’s Baptist church this year has been based on the book of Ezekiel 37:1-14, the valley of dry bones, where prophet Ezekiel is commanded by God to prophesy to the dry bones. As the story goes the bones are put together to form human beings and they get breath, become alive and a vast army.

Looking at the events that culminated in today’s closure of the revival week, which was preceded by a 21 days of fasting and prayers 24/7 for revival in our lives and for our country, I can compare it with the dry bones that came together.

It takes so much thought, resources, time, and mobilization as well as logistics. The vision starts taking shape and eventually becomes realized. Resources and ideas are dry bones until activities are put into motion to translate them to life that can breathe life to others who hunger for it.
spiritIt takes faith to dare have the revival with having thousands of people in church at a time when security threat is so imminent. They were willing to invest heavily in security and all the other expenses to nourish people seeking spiritual answers to their life challenges.

And the people did not disappoint, we went to church after work and came back for more the next day for seven days. On the final Sunday we thronged the church surpassing the incredible faith that the attendance would be 10,000 people, we overflowed. I believe God watching us in the valley blew his breath to give new life, renew our hope and revive us as we live and deal with daily challenges knowing that this challenges can only be fixed by the one and only one creator, our God.

I am revived and will continue blogging hoping that what I write will give life to someone’s dry bones.

gods plansKudos to the leadership of Parklands Baptist church, you did God proud and confirmed that God is not a God of confusion but a God of Order who reigns sovereign.
Your organizational skills, delegation of duties, marketing and administrative skills shone through, above all else, your trust and hope in God reigned.

All things life, an adventure.
Warm regards
Fay Day 263