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will thingSome days are so different from others, a day like today. My body just went on holiday, no matter how hard I pushed it, it wouldn’t budge.
I debated with myself and realized I had to come up with a strategy of my mind winning over this body.
Gradually I showered, dressed and left the house all the time the body kept whining. At some point my knees felt like jelly, then the head got heavy but I ignored them both, I managed to achieve my targets for this day .


dont standWhen I see people with handicaps as we call them, conquer the world like Nick Vujick has done, am reminded of how much willpower, God has put it in each of us to propel us forward. A handicapped person then is not the one without limbs but one with no will, no focus, and no purpose.

People with strong will combined with a good attitude, regardless of their station in life tend to live life without limits as opposed to those who are able bodied, of sound mind but are experts at affixing limits on their lives.I have been a victim of this self-sabotage profession and when I look back I shudder at how miserable my life was.


beauty mind Today I celebrate a new life as I write a new catalog of my life. My life is so beautiful, so sweet yet nothing has changed, same environment, hurdles to cross over are still there, what changed is my perception, my attitude, my willingness to see opportunities in all situations.

Above all I realized I need not struggle against living life so I just live, as life was a gift to me at the point of creation. When the going gets tough, I keep challenging my limits and hold myself accountable on how I live this life.

All things life, an adventure

Warm regards
Fay Day 260