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Raising me wasn’t as light as a feather, but my love for you can change the weather. That’s what I told my mother on mothers day. And truly, raising me and my 3 siblings as a single mother couldn’t have been that easy, but as the woman of the house, she had all the qualifications for the astounding result shes achieved this far.

mama bearI am gonna invite all of you to my house, for the next 5 minutes with the hope that you will be able to meet my independent, resilient and kind woman of the house,my mother bear.
You might be wondering why I chose mother bear as a title for my mother, but it was simply because I have seen the same characteristics a mother bear has with her cubs in my own mother. Caring, protective and loving.
Independent ,resilient and loving.
People go through the worst of situations in different ways, among one of the resilient people I know is my mother. She doesn’t let herself get consumed by her problems but instead works on finding a solution.

Always willing to help others regardless of you having met her then or known her all her life and holds family together, willing to make sacrifices for family as well.

She is an innovative and bubbly character that thrives on creating new and worthwhile ideas that will influence and captivate people positively.

motherMy mother is very supportive of our talents and goals. She has always pushed us to nurture our abilities and perfect them. I am grateful for the encouragement she has given and continues to give, and the support we have received from her on our ideas. Growing our creative as well as reasoning capacity.

So far my mother has to be the most loving person I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, she gives her love in abundance. I guess its her principle to never be biased, help is help and I would like to one day be as caring as she is.

Independent woman. Having a passion for mentoring and being a speaker, you can imagine the talks I have had to sit through, I’m not complaining though, because every time my mother gives me a ‘lecture’ I find myself reflecting on my life and wanting to be a better person. I guess its safe to say that’s her talent and we help her nurture it as well by being props for her speeches.

god blessI look up to her in a lot of ways, because she’s very determined to succeed in life and not let anything put her down and has always taught me the power of positive attitude. I love my mother dearly and though she might have some doubts along the way on failing with us as a single parent, I aspire to be in every way as much of a mother to my children as my mother is to us.

Love from My Daughter Stephanie, A tribute to Mom Fay

Day 259