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indiaIt gives me a warm sensation to visualize doing something I love to earn a living. To inspire and uplift someone is my love.I see myself travelling all over the world visiting and enjoying all those beautiful places that other bloggers keep talking about and posting lovely pictures.
I love shopping and settling down with a great book that just transports me to another beautiful world.
I see and read about so many people with great wealth that I cannot begin to fathom.I want to create wealth that will grant access to things that money can buy. The best things I have are free, like my adorable family and friends. I didn’t pay I penny for my life and the fresh air I breathe.
Yet whenever I venture into business, with tiny deals, it works out so slowly and I find myself wondering…
choices(1)“Can this pay the business expenses as well as my life expenses?”
I start worrying on how to meet my expenses and this shifts my focus from business growth to how to pay bills and dodge people I owe money.
“How is business better than being employed? “
“Is it better being my own boss yet I am kind of on the run?”
“What’s the button I don’t press right to unleash the great wealth I visualized?”
I miss being employed despite the limitations that goes with it. I am assured of a salary at the end of month plus all the benefits that go with it.
“Do I just hang in employment or now what?”
I am not a loser so I have to get the right formula for succeeding in business.Sorry, not business but convert what I love doing into a business and it will pay for my upkeep. I believe so. I sit up until late at night just writing my thoughts and I don’t sleep till it’s posted on this blog. How about work, I get so disillusioned many times and my energy is supped right out of me when I have to do some certain jobs.

Biz I try selling fruits and the minute competition comes up I bolt out of the venture, what’s wrong? Great entrepreneurs just keep doing it and end up being serial entrepreneurs and investors. Seeking advice isn’t a bad idea, so I will seek counsel from those who have made it.

I am learning that clear goals, focus, persistence and consistency are key to business success.
The customers are critical also in ensuring my business picks up. What do my customers really need?
Am I delivering a good product or service and delivering it in a manner that delights them enough to come back for more or even refer their friends?
I have those who loyal customers who just want my fruits so I am not going to bolt as I will disappoint them. I will keep going, I promise to be persistent and see what other petals I can add to my business.
biz stepsNow the vision I had is back in focus, I will be visiting all the beautiful places .Soon I will graduate from small deals to big deals. Small deals are the university that prepares us for the big deals, the bridge that connects us to the great deals.

Employment is the safety net and training ground for interacting, honing our people skills, learning how systems work and the flip side of business. If you don’t enjoy being employed, then work on yourself and venture into being a business owner by developing Resilience and flexibility to fly.
All things Life, an adventure
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Fay, Day 258