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whats in it 4 meAnother day of life lessons from a keen eye, on human interactions.
Trust is a rare commodity in relationships, why?
We are selfish by nature and are always looking out for what is in it for me.

We interact to learn, to be included, to seek love and to give love.
We interact to belong, to be assisted, and mostly not to be alone.

In my culture, the African context we interact because it’s a social requirement,
In times of joyful celebrations we invite so many people and if you don’t interact then very few people attend.

friendsIn times of sorrow we need people to come and assist us and again if we don’t participate in others functions, then you are on your own.
So essentially one has to pull together with others to be a member of society, not a recluse.

In social gatherings you interact with like minded people for pleasure and meeting of the mind.
We mingle as we look for love too, so as to meet people we can date, yes we do.

social mediaWe interact to learn during workshops, church etc.
We interact on the dance floor.
We Interact in a common shared interest like in world cup, a movie, social media etc.Circumstances can force us to interact, e.g. in an emergency situation, a corporate or social activity, in a sports activity etc.

You interact as you seek service from an office, a doctor etc.
It’s amazing that despite all this a lot of people don’t gel with each other, you can attend an event and only get to know one person or none at all, why?

best love In other instances you interact and meet someone you feel like you have always known this person,
Oh and you can meet a soul mate and your whole life takes a new dimension.
Sometimes we interact with people who are not good for us and it can change our lives for the worse completely.
So what etiquette or decorum should we show in all the instances? So how do we interact in a positive way.

All of us need respect, kindness, consideration, love, care , empathy and friendliness. If you apply these six attributes then your interactions will be easy leading to worthwhile  relationships.

All things life, an adventure,

warm Regards.

Fay Day 257