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TINY SUCCESSSuccess means different things to different people but one common definition is achieving ones goals.
On a daily basis, in normal conversations, people ask each other. Did you succeed to go to town? Or did you succeed in calling someone?

Yet when we talk of the word” succeed” the mind conjures up big things. It denotes amassing wealth and power.
Today I acknowledge being very successful in a 21 day change of habit. I have endured and overcome not eating some foods I was to avoid for 21 days and I have conquered.

I attended celebrations with good tasty food and I have made it. I have missed a warm cup of tea but instead had to drink water to quench my thirst. I have conquered the craving for a good quality chocolate but managed to put it aside.

I have learnt that I am,
• Disciplined and can delay self-gratification, I can plan, organize and execute the plan
• Persistent & consistent- There were days I almost succumbed but then my focus on the objective of the fast encouraged me to be persistent.
• A winner as God gives us a spirit of winning, will and self-drive at all times. My will was so strong that along the way I started enjoying the fast.

FAST DOCTORMy body felt light and strong. I was joyfully vibrant, that a friend commented she had never seen me so vibrant for the many years she has known me.

My spirit has been upbeat, so positive and forward looking that even when I had challenges along the way I remained positive, shed a few tears and was laughing the next minute. The last 21 days have been so beautiful I am amazed at what attuning your mind, body and soul can do to the quality of life you have.

If I can achieve this, then there is no success that will elude me, because I am now prepared and trained to embrace success and exile fear and failure from my life.

Today I took a photo to mark this wonderful day. I accepted myself without thinking, my face is too oily, I have black marks. In an earlier post “I LONGED FOR YOUR LOVE”I shared how I fell in love with myself.

CONTENTMENTI looked at my photo and giggled, as in a conversation the studio photographer,he assumed I was 35 years. I feel so great that the years just peeled away, not that I worry about age anymore, in an earlier post” AM A JOLLY HAPPY GAL” I covered the issue of embracing my age and celebrating it.

When he offered to Photoshop my picture I refused as that would not be a true representation of me.
Am I successful? Yes I am so much, peaceful, happy and contented.
All things life, an adventure.
Warm regards
Fay Day 256