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keep writing

 My mind is on a break right now. I have thought of a blog topic and hit a wall. No matter how much I am trying to come up with a topic, so a blank mind will do.
Why do our minds go blank I wonder?
Is it too tired?
Is the mind too full?
Is there too much activities competing for attention?
Or what exactly happens?

Usually I only need to place my fingers at the key board and thoughts are attracted forming themselves into an article.
Today it’s different, but I realize I am anxious about something that is happening in my life this week.

negativity-positivityI also realize I have listened to a lot of negativity around me and I guess that takes up mental space in a way that numbs creativity.
There are days one desires some alone time without interacting with other people. It’s very interesting how we want to interact with people yet at times we don’t want to.

As I push myself to write and embark on it, an idea is born and I feel a bit more alive. At least i can now connect why my mind went blank. I just shared a business idea with a friend, who shot it down instantly. I was made to feel so stupid for thinking of it, did I sense some ridicule in the process?
It is important to guard our ideas as some people shoot them down. Then they will think it through and instead of coming back to confirm its workable, they adopt and implement it .You as the originator of the idea end up losing out. You become discouraged leading to your loss of faith in human beings.
patent  If you pull yourself together, you learn your lesson and choose carefully who to share with your ideas and how much to tell. That is why patenting in business is so important.
If you decide to be a looser, you give up on the next idea and just keep singing about an idea you had but it was stolen or you were cheated out of.

The important thing is to know who to share your ideas with, get some protection if you innovated something. And if it’s just someone you need to bounce an idea on, choose wisely. Someone who will give you the pros and cons without killing your psych motivates you.
All things life, an adventure
Warm Regards,
Fay Day 255