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Babies are the truest example of how to fully optimize on our lives using the innate sources of joy. A baby flashes a beautiful toothless smile and laughter effortlessly. They find joy in almost anything.
A baby will play with anything it lays its hands on regardless of how many expensive toys you give them.
A baby never talks of boredom, because it doesn’t know boredom, baby just lives and is the most active human being I know. Try and be on your feet and move as much as the baby, you will surrender pretty fast.

happy when i grow upWhen you discipline a child, after crying the baby comes running into your arms unless if your discipline included being mean and unkind.
Unfortunately we condition the babies as they grow, to live life the artificial way. We train them not to be innovative as much as possible by constantly yelling, “don’t do that!”, “stop touching that!”, and “don’t destroy your toy!” I don’t mean that babies should be allowed to harm themselves.

We condition ourselves that our happiness will come from material things or when everything is okay.
“My life would not be this bad if I had more money, I would be happier.”
“My life is not complete without a partner who loves me.”
“If only I could afford a holiday.”
“My dream car is a top of the range, if only I can own one”
“I wish I had more clothes, designer clothes”.
We condition ourselves that we must only mingle with people

of our class or standards. Imagine if your car broke down in a deserted area, do dance liveyou flag down only the posh vehicles? Do you look out for help from people of your class or do you seek help from a human being who is available?.
Assume you collapse due to illness, or you are in an accident does it matter to you who helps you? At that point your focus is on your getting assisted.
I never heard of a holiday when I was growing up as I grew up in the countryside, yet people were very happy. A holiday is a great well deserved break, but again one can take a break and enjoy themselves where they are even as they plan for a holiday.

Committing to live life can make a difference between living life unconditionally regardless of one’s situation. That’s why some people suffer poor health but have great attitude and live happy lives.
Others have no child and are warm and serve mankind like mother Teresa did, but some are reduced to misery by society stigmatization.

childhood I spent a night at a friend’s house and the joy and ease at which they interact as a family left a huge impact on me. The adult children would get reprimanded by the parents and a positive discussion would ensue. They teased the parents back and forth, as they prepared dinner which is the kid’s duty daily. And the parents would joke with ease. The house was filled with fits of laughter. A family living life to the full and enjoying it. I almost forgot to add that my friend has lived with cancer for over twenty years. She told me she forgot about it. The husband told me he healed her through diet.

Think of ways in which you condition your life hence limiting it and commit to pursue your goals while living life to the brim.
All things life, an adventure,
Warm regards
Fay Day 254