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giv promise and keep itI don’t know if I expect too much from people around me or they expect too much than I can deal with.
I am guilty of breaking promises I have given to others and I am a recipient of broken promises.

We promise our friends that we shall visit them but don’t bother even informing them when we can’t visit. When they call to find out if we are lost or anywhere near, we break the news at that point or even ignore the call. Are you a worthy friend?
Sometimes we promise to assist in some way then we fail to do so, without any qualms.

fathers promiseWe promise our child, that we shall come home early but instead we opt to go chill out with our friends. So your child will keep on the lookout for your arrival so that you can do what you planned together but in vain. In most cases we assume our children, take them for granted and hurt their feelings repeatedly. Such a child looses trust and confidence in you as a parent and role model and propagates that behavior as your behavior communicate to your child that it’s okay.

As a business we promise our customers that our product will address a customer’s needs but we fail to deliver on the promise. The product fails to perform or performs very well but is unavailable consistently leaving the customer disappointed.

I can’t forget this one , “ we should have dinner sometime” a dinner that will never take place but you raise someone’s expectations knowing very well you have no intention of having dinner with this person. You string them along. This is common in relationships especially when you don’t want to date someone but just enjoy flirting with them.
respect a promis keeperIn dating, you stand your date up. They take time getting ready, looking forward then you don’t show up,eish! Why set a date in the first place? Respect another so as to earn respect.

We promise to treat ourselves better but we fail miserably especially mothers who neglect themselves for the sake of their loved ones. Years later they keep heaping blame on their kids for missed opportunities as they sacrificed for the family.
There are so many examples of not keeping a promise.

I honored a simple promise today and I am proud of myself. I handed over some work and duties meticulously plus the authority that goes with it. By the time I get back to carry on with these duties I believe work will have moved on flawlessly. Why? , Because I won someone’s confidence, I empowered the person and I left clear tasks to be carried out and by whom. On my side I am at peace because work will go on and it will be easier settling back in.

your word zigReview the instances when you have failed to keep a promise visa vis the ones other people have broken with you , reflect on both, then change so as to nurture healthy relationships , build better business and make the world a better place.
Gods promises are honorable and he keeps them, if in doubt analyze what you think he didn’t keep and see if indeed he didn’t do so.
All things life, an adventure
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Fay Day 253