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all to jesusI love the song “All to Jesus I surrender “. Some days it’s just another song but many times I ponder on the concept of surrender and it hits me how hard it is to surrender.

Different forms of surrender are:

1. In a fight one can surrender because the chances of winning are nil, so either you surrender willingly or get exhilarated.
2. When one opts to surrender themselves to another’s control for direction especially in a religious or spiritual context.
3. Where we give in to habits or desire and allow it to control our action.

surrender peaceIn family relationships, family feuds can easily destroy a family. This is a common occurrence but if it is managed properly a family can thrive and live harmoniously. In the absence of none, surrendering their stand, then it escalates and affects many generations, who may never even understand why they are hostile to each other. It takes courage (courage for humility not might) and wisdom to pacify and unify a family for generations to come.

Surrendering oneself for another to lead the way is very difficult but can be Surrender-to-what-isbeneficial. In a work situation, you surrender to your bosses instructions. If you resist, conflict and unnecessary suffering may arise. Succumbing to the boss is respectful and can yield positive outcome as the boss can allow your perspective to prevail since you respect his position.

Surrendering in a religious/spiritual context is freeing as it offloads your burdens to someone in control. You trust him completely to do the best with your life, to guide you, to protect you, to provide for you, to heal and many other benefits. Your job is only to consult through prayer and let go. This form of surrender is the total acceptance that your life is directed by someone else that you can totally trust.
Children trust their dads completely unless if a father does not live up to his role and standards as a father. In adulthood many people’s lives are shaped by the kind of relationship they had with their fathers. So fathers reading this, please shape your children’s future positively.

When we succumb to our desires or habits, it can be a good or a bad thing. Imagine you are so talented and you are employed, but you constantly feel the urge to pursue your passion. When you surrender you end up feeling more fulfilled by doing something you enjoy and earn a living from it. On the other hand many of us surrender to habits and desires that may ruin us. Impulsive buying, overindulging in food or drink, procrastinating to mention just a few.

surrender changeFaith, trust ,confidence, goodwill and optimism are key components of surrender. Who do you or what do you surrender to? Is it worth it or do you need to rethink?
I surrender all to thee, the one who knows my fate
All things life, an adventure.
Warm Regards
Fay Day 252