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bring happines to the end of your journeyWe mourn for those gone before us
Who mourns for me?
We treasure when we can see no more,
Treasure me now.

We recall the milestones in our journey together,
A journey full of joy, judgments, accusations and love,
Today I choose joy and love,
The rest aint worth it,
Feel them and let them slide.

Today I mourned for me,
I have no regrets if my journey ends,
I have loved without holding back,
I have stood firm for my beliefs,
I have loved and honored those I interact with,
I have mothered, and nurtured.
Four adults,

Oops no! Not the past, it’s behind me,
destinyOnly great memories abide,
My tears aint for fear of the lid coming down,
The tears are real, that each must bear their cross
And mourn for thyself,

And when you are gone, they mourn,
And turn to embrace life.
Don’t cry, sing and dance
That’s my desire,
I am Content.

All things life, an adventure,

Warm regards,

Fay Day 251