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make my heart smile Youthful love is the purest,
The innocence,
The Naiveté,
The trust and optimism therein,
Conquers all. I miss my youthful love.

Later love is mature,
It’s easier to enjoy fully,
What doesn’t work, gets dumped,
It only dwells on what is,

Real love,
Meshes mature love with youthful love,
To be flavored,
And flourish.

Real love
Let’s you bloom,
Let’s you be the best you can be,
It extends a hand to guide and support you.
Real love waits for the right,
Not the perfect partner.

                                                                               I wait.
lovein goldExplore, you will find me.
I am gold.
Beneath the rumble that has been my life, I lie in wait.
To be discovered.
I am refined.
I wait.
To adorn you with gold,
To make your life glitter.

All things life, an adventure

warm regards

Fay day 251