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BlessedInfluence   Our life is shaped by many things.
From the family you are born in to the family that raises you.
The socialization by your community , the cultural and national beliefs. The interactions you experience throughout your life, from School to Church. The College you attend to your Work place.
The different people you encounter in your life and your genes.

The set of beliefs can hold you captive or inspire you to achieve great things in your life.

If you are raised in an environment that encourages believing in yourself, you start at a good place.
If you are raised to believe in yourself and that God knew you and had big plans for your life, that he never leaves you and keeps his promises. Then you are even at a better place because you believe in yourself, and have an added assurance of a protector, provider and hence you are not on your own.
The human being thrives on company, companionship, being admired, affirmed, loved, assisted, and being cared for. In times of discouragement, we desire encouragement, empathy, and acceptance to mention a few. And this makes it very assuring when we believe in God as the sovereign, the supernatural and giver of grace, a God of second chances.

impact influenceAs you get influenced by others and your environment, it is important to realize that you are also a major influence in other people’s lives and the environment you live in.

What impact do you have in a child’s life as a parent, a teacher, a neighbor, an aunt, an uncle, a Pastor, a grandparent, or as a family friend?
What kind of influence do you have on your colleagues, friends, partner, and community?
As a leader what impact do you have on your followers? As a master what impact do you have on your servants, and as a follower what impact do you have on your leader, a servant on a master?
As a teenager or young adult how do you impact on your parent, teachers, your community and your peers?

do i make a differenceYour influence can have positive or negative impact. It can inspire or un inspire. It can build or destroy someone. The best influence is the one you would desire for yourself, the one that makes you feel great about yourself and enjoy relating with others. Have you impacted on someone in either way?

The late Nobel Laureate Professor Wangari Maathai used to remind us that if we don’t take care of nature, nature will be against us to an extent that future wars maybe be about water due to its scarcity. The late Michael Jacks captured this very well in the earth song, video. Our influence on each other can result in similar outcome, creating conflict or peace. You are a great influence in my life.
All things life, and adventure,
Warm regards,
Fay Day 250