Mind Dance, when focus fades


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mind phoneEvery time I answered my mobile phone, I wouldn’t understand what the other person was telling me. I wondered why each person who called me didn’t make sense. Then I got brilliant and concluded it was my phone that was faulty. I changed the phone but the same thing happened with the new phone. In the end, I started ignoring calls and put my phone on silent, a habit I keep to date, four years later.

I love reading, I used to read all the time and everywhere. At some point I realized I was reading less and less. The more I tried reading the more difficult it became. I stopped reading newspapers and I would just flip through without any interest whatsoever. I assumed my eyesight was poor and I got myself a pair of reading glasses, which did not improve my reading at all.

mind comprehendThen one day I opened an important email and I could not comprehend it. I read the first sentence but by the end of the sentence I didn’t understand what the beginning had said. I gave up and got worried. I could not fathom what was wrong or even why it was so hard to grasp a few words and am a person who deciphers things first time round.

Watching Television has always been fun and informative for me. I would now get home watch TV but I would not remember what was showing even though I would just look at the TV. I read important emails without understanding them or even remembering a sentence by the time I got to the end of it. I loved being in my house alone, I would not mingle or socialize but I was looking more pretty and I would interact with people jovially and disappear at the slightest chance I got to get away.

mind forgetOne night I went to sleep and at about one oclock I heard people talking. With my heart in my mouth, I tiptoed to my sitting room only to discover it was the TV that was on. I couldn’t remember living it on. I was almost sure someone had crept into my house and played a joke on me. I was suffering insomnia and was awake all night, how come I never noticed earlier the Telly was on.

In the morning, I told one of my neighbor’s about the TV incidence and my thoughts that someone had put the Telly on. She looked at her husband and said, “ You didn’t switch the Telly off, I have been telling my husband I am not happy with you living alone.Infact I have been contemplating sending my sister to sleep in your house.” I was shocked, then I bust out laughing nervously and asked her, “why don’t you want me to stay alone?” she answered that I wasn’t well, of course I laughed it off and declared myself as fit as a fiddle.

To be continued

All things life, an adventure

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